Friday, July 23, 2010

She deserves Full HD - Wallpaper & Avatars


In line with our new series of Full HD marketing campaign, we are sharing with you, desktop wallpaper & avatar of "She deserves Full HD" (the first in the series for the Playon!HD) for our and your entertainment : ). The campaign emphasises AC Ryan Playon!’s qualities that allow you to simply and easily enjoy the pleasures of Full HD.

You can view the Wallpaper in a few languages here in the photo album – or head on to the to download the full set including standard non-widescreen versions and avatars.

Like the new campaign? Why not suggest alternative captions? Or captions in more languages … fire up your imagination! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

AC Ryan Presents Playon!DVR-HD - World First Technology


The long awaited new Playon!DVRHD is shipping end July. The World’s First Full HD Media Player & Digital Video Recorder that can be accessed via the internet, from anywhere in the world. This is the must have home entertainment device with exceptional functionality.

Within the Playon! family, the Playon!DVRHD series is the ”recording” brother, bringing media playing, streaming, network and internet media functions to the world of TV & Recording. Compared to regular video recorders (PVRs, DVDRs, HDDRs, VCRs), the Playon!DVRHD series is exceptional in its new digital age functionalities.

Dual TV Tuners
The Playon!DVRHD includes 2 Digital TV (DVB-T) tuners, so you can watch and record different channels at the same time. Supports both MPEG2 & newer MPEG4 H.264 DVB-T broadcast, so you can enjoy DVB-T broadcasts in every country regardless of which DVB-T format is broadcasted.

Record, Store & Playback
Store your digital media collection, play back digital content and record live television programs instantly or with timer schedule!

Unique Web Remote Record Scheduling
Users will never miss their favourite program again, they simply access the Playon!DVRHD remotely via the web to set their recording schedule.

FTP Remote Access
Now you can also utilise the favourite way to transfer large files over internet with the Playon!DVRHD

Front LED Display
The Playon!DVRHD has a front LED display, making it easy to see the play and recording status from a distance.

High Definition with HDMI
The interface is built for the highest definition of audio and video clarity, providing an exceptional level of quality, resulting in a full HD 1080p image.

eSATA Port
The Playon!DVRHD allows the user to avail of high transfer speeds with direct connection to the eSATA port on an external eSATA HDD.

Web Remote File Browser
Play your downloaded videos and music not only in the comfort of your living room but anywhere life may happen to take you, your mobile or notebook. Simply log in over the internet with any web browser and access your digital media collection.

Full HD Audio
Enjoy superior HD Audio with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio*, AAC 7.1 and FLAC 7.1
* Note: DTS-HD Master Audio has been tested and is functioning in the current firmware. However, we cannot guarantee DTS-HD Master Audio in future firmware development

Like it already? Check it out on Win yourself the brand new, loaded with unique-features Playon!DVRHD in Play & Win – give it a go! It takes less than half a minute.

To order / pre-order them, check out stores near you on Where To Buy or order one from Buy Now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Swedish, Norwegian, Danish is now also available in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. When you visit from Sweden, Norway or Denmark, you should land on your respective language site. Or you can always use the flags in the top right corner to switch languages.

This is in addition to the already existing English, Dutch, German and French sites. Finnish users, worry not. We did not forget you, Finnish and more languages are in the works.

In addition to language websites, do join our community where our Scandinavian product specialist will be able to assist you with questions and represent your Scandinavian within our product team! Welcome!

That new plus (HD Audio enabled) version of Realtek processor

Playon-newprocessorRumours have been rife on the media player grapevine for a while about the “plus” version of Realtek processors (1073 and 1283). Some forums have been referring to it as ‘plus’, some as ‘DD+’. We have heard our users via email, phone and community forums, asking about this HD Audio enabled processor.

The actual processor name is 1073DD C+ and 1283C+. AC Ryan has been shipping Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini equipped with this new processor since April 2010. Yes, since April. We are one of the first (if not THE first) to ship with this processor as soon as it was available. We have not made any announcement about this new version of the processor because the firmware SDK (Software Development Kit) from Realtek to support the new “HD Audio enabled” feature has not been ready… until recently. Without that firmware, the new HD Audio features are not enabled.

Now, our HD Audio enabled firmware for Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini is almost ready. Yes, you can expect a release within a week. Watch out for it.

What does this mean? It means if you’ve purchased your Playon!HD and/or Playon!HD Mini during or after April 2010, you will be able to enable extra 7.1 HD Audio after updating with the coming HD Audio enabled firmware update. In addition to the currently already supported FLAC 7.1 and AAC 7.1, which specific HD Audio will be additionally supported?… more details when the new firmware is released..

For the future potential owners of Playon!, we have also now started re-labelling the Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini with new product codes ACR-PV73100P+ and ACR-PV73200P+ respectively. However, we want to emphasise that with or without this new product code, all Playon!HD & Playon!HD Mini PURCHASED from April onwards is guaranteed of this new processor.

The new Playon!DVRHD (ACR-PV76120) digital video recorder + media player, expected to ship from end of July, will also ship with the new HD Audio enabled version 1283C+ processor from day one.

Should you have any doubts or questions, check with us – on AC Ryan Community Forums Naturally you are also welcome to email us or call one of our offices in Netherlands, Czech and Singapore.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YAMJ Installer released

Playon-YAMJ-installerYAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) has been the community’s favourite Movie Jukebox software running on your PC to organise media files and information for your media player. Since AC Ryan started working with the YAMJ developers to officially bring YAMJ to Playon! users, the response has been great. Many betas further, it’s almost time for an official Playon! firmware capable of supporting YAMJ.

To improve the entire YAMJ experience, we have created a YAMJ Installer so you can install YAMJ in a easy one step process (rather than downloading and installing different parts separately like before).

The YAMJ Installer is available for download on>Support.

Naturally, you are welcome to also pop into the community to talk and share with fellow Playon! users and YAMJ users. There’s a YAMJ sub-board in the community development board dedicated to YAMJ… enjoy, and YAMJ-on!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SHOUTcast internet radio

Playon_shoutcast_licensee SHOUTcast radio is the world’s most popular and largest collection of internet radio with over 40,000 free internet radio stations. The internet radio in Playon! is powered by SHOUTcast. Recently SHOUTcast released a new API 2.0 (the software programming interface for other products to access their internet radio service). To continue enjoying SHOUTcast internet radio on your Playon!HD, a beta firmware has been released in our community forums, you should update your Playon!HD firmware here.

Playon!HD Mini:

This firmware resumes the SHOUTcast internet radio service. Meanwhile our developers continue to explore this new API 2.0 to implement the new features. AC Ryan Playon! is an official licensee of SHOUTcast so you are assured that you will be able to continue enjoying SHOUTcast internet radio.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playon! at Gadget Show Live UK 7-11 April


Calling all UK readers, come see Playon! at the Gadget Show Live in the NEC in Birmingham next week 7 – 11 April. The Gadget Show is the happening event for all gadget lovers – see, try and buy your the best gadgets from all over the world. You’ll have a chance to talk the Playon! team – the best media player team, try out the Playon! media players and recorders and see for yourself why Playon! is the leading media player, winning awards all over the world.

See, touch, try, ask…
There’ll be demo’s of the Playon! players & recorders, and our Playon! Product Specialists will be there to take you through the demo and answer all your questions.
- Playon!HD Mini – your newest and best media streamer
- Playon!HD 1TB – the original award-winning media player
- Playon!DVR-HD 1TB – World’s First DVR you can access from anywhere, via the internet
- Playon! WirelessN USB Adaptor – simply plug in and enjoy the latest wireless-n performance on all your Playon! media players & recorders, comes with FREE USB Extension Stand

Will there be special offers?
You bet! The Gadget Show Live is the place to be for an excelllent deal on great gadgets. Be sure to come early and grab the great offers on the Playon!HD Mini, Playon!HD 1TB and Playon!DVR-HD 1TB, exclusive prices at the Gadget Show Live.

Will AC Ryan Playon! booth babes be there? Which ones?
You bet! Two of our AC Ryan Playon! booth babes will be present as well – wanna know who they are? You’ll have to come and see for yourself ; )

Meet the AC Ryan Playon! team
Come talk to us. The AC Ryan Playon! team including Playon! Product Specialists, Community Manager, PR & Marketing Director, Commercial Director. Feel for yourself the commitment and dedication of the team.

See you !! Hall 12 Stand B12, next Wednesday to Sunday (7 to 11 April)